The art of Maria Luisa Azzini

A few words about me..
I always had a big imagination! As a child I used to write stories about parallel dimensions and mysterious creatures.. Growing up, I never fitted into society until the passion for painting came into my life and I found my purpose.
I was born in Florence in 1976 and moved to London in 2001. In 2004 I started to sell my paintings at Greenwich Market every Sunday.. I have since moved on from the market .. 

Now you can meet me in person and see my work at my new Gallery Studio in South East London! The Hidden House Gallery is open to the public every Sunday 11_5:30pm!

I have a very unique style and one of the reasons for this is that I'm a self-taught artist.. I have created a parallel Universe in my imagination called "The Futuristic World". It's fun, bright, vibrant and full of hidden messages and symbols..
I believe that the world we have been raised in is full of lies and with my art I want to wake people up to a different way of thinking. 

I love what I do, new ideas always flow through me and more collections are constantly created! 
My paintings are held in private collections all around this world.. Oops! Dimension.

My online presence

 I decided to go online around eight years ago and I'm loving this.. You can purchase my work also from Artfinder, Catawiki Auctions and Singulart. I have over 300 positive reviews . Please feel free to take a look for yourself..


If you have a few spare minutes, watch this video about me and my work from 2014..  Lots of things have changed since, the world has gone mad, but my love for painting has intensifiedI still believe in parallel dimensions and the ufos come from there. 

I now have also a YOUTUBE channel with videos of how I work!

Maria's Parallel World Youtube Channel

Please feel free to contact me for more information about prices or commissions or even to give me some feedback!